Analysis of transformer oils

For purposes of status monitoring and diagnosis we carry out precise analyses of
transformer oils:

   • In pursuance of IEC 60422 for insulation oils:
     breakdown voltage, dielectric loss factor, interfacial surface tension,
     colour index, acid number, saponification value and water content.

   • Furan analysis: Status determination of fixed insulation (polymerisation level).

   • PCB analyses

If so desired we will also organise, in collaboration with selected partner companies,
as needed:

   • Gas-in-oil analyses (DGA): hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide,
     carbon dioxide, acetylene, ethylene, ethane, etc.

Our well equipped laboratory for mineral oil analytics (e.g. GC, IR, RFA, HPLC)
provides our experienced chemists with all they need to conduct any required quality
checks of all incoming and outgoing product flows and to guarantee all products to
meet the specifications agreed upon or required by customers and/or law.

A laboratory database, which has been programmed specifically for our facilities,
ensures traceability, documentation and archiving of all analyses; it is a major
element of our QM system.