Technical information on products
customer information miscibility of transformer oils 03 2015.pdf
customer information StaSo Grundoele MSR 11 2014.pdf
TDS StaSo Transformer Oil I englisch 02 2016.pdf
TDS StaSo Transformer Oil U englisch 01 2013.pdf
HSEQ / certificates / policies.pdf

StaSo HSEQ - Leitlinien - policies 03 2013.pdf
StaSo Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001-2008
english until 2020.pdf
StaSo Certificate BS OSHAS 18001-2007
english until 2020.pdf
StaSo Zertifikat EfB §§ 56+57 KrWG
german until 2019.pdf
StaSo Zertifikat Fachbetrieb WHG bis 2017
General terms and conditions (in German)
AGB Starke&Sohn.pdf