Tanker fleet

To guarantee the best possible flexibility and scheduling, we operate our own,
modern fleet of tankers for problem-free transport of all products at both the input
and output stage.

All vehicles are fitted with suction and pressure equipment. Quantity determination
can be carried out if needed via an output-pipe pressure gauge using an officially
calibrated meter, so that no on-site weighing is required.

Our drivers carry a large selection of connection adapters. Their experience, their
willing competence and their reliability will ensure that all transport runs problem-free.
Adherence to deadlines, safety, care and cleanliness are all part of their service.


Our own plentiful storage facilities at both the input and output stage guarantee a safe
supply to our refinery and to our customers.

We are a specialist provider distinguished under Section 19 I of the German Water
Supply and Management Act (WHG) and meet all the requirements under this
legalisation governing the storage of oil products.