Mobile transformer oil regeneration (MRA technology)

   • Fresh oil quality without oil change

   • Bypass operation with no interruption to running

   • Effective and holistic system cleansing lengthens operational life
     and operating safety

   • Technique for saving resources

Starke & Sohn has many years’ experience in the use, further development and
process management of mobile regeneration plants for transformer oils.

Constant investments and our own engineering efforts allow continuous improvements
and innovations to be launched. For instance, we were able to take another new
mobile regeneration plant (MRA Pocket) into service in autumn 2011, which enables
us to cover a wider range of applications and to realise additional projects.

Our MRA technology has proved its worth both in conventional and atomic power
stations. It is used also on transmission and distribution networks, and in energy-
intensive sectors of industry.

When servicing and maintaining power-supply plants, on-site regeneration of insulation
oils contributes significantly to conserving the value and ensuring the safety and
reliability of transformers.

Using mobile transformer-oil regeneration plants from Starke & Sohn will produce a
sustained improvement in the condition of the transformer oil system.

The decision on performing mobile transformer oil regeneration on site shall always
be made considering the following points:

   • Application of DIN EN 60422 (VDE 0370-2) / IEC 60422:2005

   • Oil analysis according to DIN VDE and PCB analysis
     (zero PCB – i.e. PCB content below the detection limit – required)

   • Assessment of analysis and objective recommendation of activities,

   • ideally combined with a gas-in-oil analysis and a furan analysis

   • Availability of resources, field inspection

   • Advantages and benefits for the transformer operator