12 2015 – Starke & Sohn receives a major order from Vattenfall Europe Generation AG about the mobile regeneration of transformer oils in Germany's largest Power Plant
Starke & Sohn will run mobile oil regenerations at more than 20 power transformers until end of 2016. The Jänschwalde Power Plant is the largest lignite power plant in Germany with an installed capacity of 3,000 MW and consists of six 500 MW blocks.

11 2015 – Naphthenic base oils - ester-containing specialty - StaSo Grundöl SE
Starke & Sohn launchs new ester-additivated, naphthenic base oils with improved solubility for additives as a powerful variant for lubricant formulations

10 2015 – Recertification of management systems DIN EN ISO 9001:2007, BS OHSAS 18001-2007 und EfB §§56+57 KrWg passed & accomplished by TÜV NORD

09 2015 – EKZ grid service department invites to exchange experiences
With respect to condition-based maintenance in high voltage transformers Starke & Sohn informs about the theory and practice of mobile transformer oil regeneration during an technical meeting for exchanging experiences, organized by EKZ

07 2015 – Starke & Sohn brings another mobile regeneration asset in operation
With this third system Starke & Sohn is setting again standards in the field of mobile transformer oil regeneration by using latest findings of refining process technologies. This leads to an increased efficiency and effectiveness in such mobile regeneration services.

03 2015 – Customer Information miscibility and compatibility of transformers oils
StaSo Transformer Oils from Starke & Sohn are miscible and compatible with all other insulating oils of the same class, the same group and the same value of LCSET.

01 2015 – Official monitoring of the refining operation according to the industrial emissions regulations based on § 3 of the 4. BImSchV successfully completed
The Schleswig-Holstein State Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas (LLUR) led the legally required monitoring of the refining operation of Starke & Sohn in November 2014 and published recently the monitoring report without any complaints.

11 2014 - Naphthenic base oils - Launch of a new product range
Starke & Sohn improves established refining techniques and launchs optimized
qualities of naphthenic base oils.

09 2014 – Starke & Sohn joins the TLM in Neuss
For the first time Starke & Sohn participates as an exhibitor at the Transformer Life
Management Conference and reports about the latest results regarding DBDS
elimination by using the MRA-technology.

06 2014 Presentation of a mobile regeneration plant at the Institute of
High Voltage Engineering in Graz
During the 5th workshop of VERBUND Umwelttechnik and the Institute of High Voltage
Engineering and System Management at the Technical University of Graz
Starke & Sohn granted to interested participants practical insights into the operation
of a mobile regeneration plant for transformer oils.

04 2014 Starke & Sohn extends activities in Turkey
Starke & Sohn and ÖZCINARLAR agree on a closer  cooperation to serve the
Turkish and Neighbourhood Countries Market with StaSo Transformer Oils.

10 2013 – Effective management systems DIN EN ISO 9001:2007, BS OHSAS 18001-2007 und EfB §§56+57 KrWg confirmed by TÜV NORD

08 2013 – Major project for DBDS removal from transformer oils
successfully realised –
Starke & Sohn demonstrate once again that they are leaders in technology when it comes to transformer-oil regeneration.
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06 2013 – Starke & Sohn at EXPO Energy Technology in Bilten
The electricity supply companies of the Canton of Zurich hosted an exhibition in Bilten; Starke & Sohn, in support for the specialist audience, showed a mobile regeneration plant in situ.

04 2013 – Work-safety management system from Starke & Sohn
is certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001
Following on from the established quality-management system under ISO 9001, Starke & Sohn has achieved certification under OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), the best known international standard for management systems governing health and safety at work. In doing so, Starke & Sohn is underlining its own high standards of health and safety at work, supplementing the firm's existing policy on environmental protection, quality and safety, and thus meeting the increasing requirements posed by its customers and suppliers.

12 2012 – Services of a particular kind – intermediate storage and transport
of transformer oils

When converting, overhauling or repairing transformers, and even in cases transformer breakdown, Starke & Sohn will undertake proper transport and temporary storage, for value retention of transformer oils and their re-usage.

10 2012 – Effective management system from Starke & Sohn confirmed by TÜV NORD
In the course of the re-certification audit of ISO 9001:2008, the efficacy and further development of the established quality-management system was scrutinised and certified accordingly – see certificate in the Download section.

10 2012 – Starke & Sohn confirmed as specialist waste-disposal firm as expected
TÜV NORD CERT GmbH carried out the sixteenth scrutiny audit and confirmed in the usual way that Starke & Sohn meets the requirements of the Ordinance on Waste Disposal Companies pursuant to Sections 56 and 57 of the German Recycling Act (KrWG) – see certificate in Download section.

09 2012 – Starke & Sohn at HIVOLTEC 2012
Starke & Sohn showed its specialist services for the energy industry, covering every aspect of transformer oils.
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06/2012 – Starke & Sohn to lecture at the Institute of High Voltage Engineering
at the Graz University of Technology

Starke & Sohn GmbH will give a lecture on “Mobile transformer oil regeneration during
running operation – removal of ageing products and DBDS” together with Verbund
Umwelttechnik GmbH at the Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System
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02 2012 – EKZ and Starke & Sohn present mobile transformer-oil regeneration
In the course of two events for customers and other interested parties, visitors to the EKZ plant in Zurich were able to see a mobile regeneration plant in situ for themselves, with all its practical applications, and to expand their knowledge of this subject.

11/2011 – Starke & Sohn takes newly designed mobile regeneration system
into operation
The second system of its kind serves to extend the range of application of this
technology and makes it possible to realise additional projects. With this second plant,
Starke & Sohn underpin their claim of technology leadership in the field of transformer
oil regeneration in Europe.
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07/2011 – EKZ and Starke & Sohn seal future cooperation
EKZ and Starke & Sohn have agreed on exclusive cooperation in the field of mobile
transformer oil regeneration in the Swiss market.

05/2011 – Starke & Sohn to invest in new IT equipment
Starke & Sohn will invest in new IT equipment in order to be able to satisfy the
increasing requirements in terms of capacity, data security and quality assurance.
In the course of this investment, a new laboratory database will be implemented which
serves to improve the possibilities regarding traceability, documentation and archiving
of analysis data.

04 2011 – GDF Suez / Farge generating plant aims for reliability and flexibility
In the course of a turbine service, Starke & Sohn took over used turbine oil for re-utilisation to deadline, underlining once again the factors which are really important in practice.

01/2010 – Stadtwerke Bochum is the first regeneration customer of Starke & Sohn
Starke & Sohn GmbH have completed their first mobile transformer oil regeneration job
under own management at the municipal energy supplier Stadtwerke Bochum.
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