Process and basic oils

We specialise in customer-specific manufacture, principally of low-viscosity process
and basic oils, and combine this with a high degree of flexibility.

Through the close attention which we give our customers in the chemical industry,
the good contact which we maintain with our suppliers, and the constant exchange of
information in which we are engaged, we are able to react quickly to any new demands
which are customers may make or new wishes which they may have ? specialisation
combined with flexibility.

Specialties and finished products

We are a direct supplier and service provider, developing and producing not just
process and basic oils, but also a selection of finished oil products and lubricants for
the construction industry, for instance.

Our filling facilities enable us to supply our products for the lubricant industry in all
currently used containers; if desired, we can also fill our customers’ own containers,
or neutral containers.

Transformer oils

As a medium-sized manufacturer of transformer oils the goals by which we are
measured are the internationally applicable specifications of the power-supply industry
regarding transformer oils.

Even in direct competition with globally active mineral oil concerns, who have a long
market standing, we have increasingly convinced users through our product quality but
also through our outstanding customer orientation and flexibility.

International availability

We operate in three locations in Germany, namely Aue, Hanover and Niebüll, and are
presently delivering our products mainly to the EMEA markets (Europe, Middle East,
Africa). Of course we will be happy to serve other parts of the world, given this is
economically feasible.