Recycling of used oils from transformers and turbines

If it does no longer make sense to recondition transformer oils on site as to maintaining
the operational safety and reliability of the transformer, and if the transformer needs to
be set out of service in order to be dismantled, we shall likewise be glad to help you,
with all the expertise of an experienced partner.

Our company was one of the first specialist waste disposal operators to be certified
under Art. 52 of the German Recycling and Waste Management Act, as early as 1997.

We specialise in collecting, transporting and commercially recycling used oil from
transformers and turbines:

   • Waste management company according to Art. 52 KrW/AbfG
     (German Recycling and Waste Management Act)

   • Specialising in transformer oils, waste code 13 03 07

   • Specialising in turbine oils, waste code 13 02 05

   • We have our own fleet of tankers with specialist equipment for common
     and exotic transformers and connections.

   • All transformer connection adapters in current use, 40/90 m long discharge pipes,
     and much more

   • Sufficient storage capacity of our own

In particular when it comes to dismantling transformers or revising turbines on site,
it is essential to have a reliable project partner who is familiar with and who strictly
complies with the relevant requirements and regulations. In this respect, it goes
without saying that all of our staff receive the special training with regard to health
and safety when working in "energised environments".