Refining of naphthenic feedstocks

In our refining processes we use a large number of mechanical, thermal and physico-
chemical techniques, which are continually being modernised and extended, to remain

Many years’ experience and constant process optimisation enable us to undertake
selective refining of a wide range of different raw materials.

Based on set quality performance figures for our input material, we control our
processes precisely, to meet the desired and specified quality requirements at the
output stage.

Specialisation and flexibility

Concentrating on naphthenic raw materials combined with product- and – in many
cases – also customer-specific processing technologies, we fill a pronounced niche
position in the mineral oil market.

We can thus offer additional options to supplement the products supplied and services
rendered by the few large players who are active in this sector of industry.

Our customers value our specialisation and flexibility and benefit from the particular
properties of naphthenic products, in particular when they have rather small annual
demands or require specific compositions and mixtures.

Moreover, through the use of valuable recyclables from the power-supply industry,
which are refined using a sophisticated recycling technology that is based on our
great competence in this field, it is possible to realise a unique combination of
recycled and new raw materials which are freely available in the market – to the
benefit of our customers and as a noticeable contribution to a sustained circular